Bússola Dinâmica, founded in January 2012, in the city of Aveiro, dedicates to Education as a Tutoring Center/Learning Support at all school levels. We are also commited  to several projects like School, Sports, Culture and Leisure Activities.

Our company may be young, but it is led by people with over 20 years of experience.

Currently, it also specializes in real estate business, identifying and meeting market needs.

Aditionally, it extends to other markets which relate with this activity, namely, architectural projects, construction works, condominium and property management, amongst others.

We also act as a Consultancy Group offering diversified but complementary services.

Bússola Dinâmica acts based on its customer's trust, close relationship and the ability to act fast as a way to fulfill its customers' requests.


We bet in effectiveness and proactivity, with values ​​of responsibility and honesty.




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About us

About us

About us